Change Is Never Made By Mainstream Ideas

As I am preparing for the energetic, fun and exciting NY Toy Fair, which begins this Sunday, I have been thinking about a comment that was made to me several times at the Dallas Toy Preview Show back in October. A few buyers from larger retailers commented on how they loved the Go! Go! Sports Girl Dolls and their important and positive message for girls, but felt they were not “mainstream” enough.

I have been asking myself, what is mainstream? The Merriam-Webster definition of mainstream is: A prevailing current or direction of activity or influence. The buyers are right. The Go! Go! Sports Girls do not fit into the current mainstream world of dolls, like Barbie, Bratz, Monster High and Disney Princess dolls. I am okay with this! The Go! Go! Sports Girls are not dressed in short skirts, high heels, and makeup. They resemble little girls and are age appropriate. This current mainstream of dolls needs to change and change is never made by mainstream ideas.

Cross your fingers and wish me luck. The “non-mainstream” Go! Go! Sports Girls are here to challenge all the “mainstream” dolls at Toy Fair 2012. Our girls deserve it!

2 Responses to “Change Is Never Made By Mainstream Ideas”

  1. Cat says:

    It sure would be great if those buyers would carry your dolls in their stores and let their customers decide what’s mainstream and what’s not.

  2. […] As Jodi Norgaard summed well in this post after her trip to the New York Toy Fair to show here dolls, “Change Is Never Made By Mainstream Ideas.” […]

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