Point out the Positives

Last week, Jennifer Shewmaker wrote an article titled “Postive Pick: Go! Go! Sports Girls” http://dontconformtransform.wordpress.com/2011/07/29/positive-pick-gogosportsgirls/ and one of her comments has really made me think.  She wrote, “One of the things that I advocate for both adults and children is becoming a media critic. A critic not only points out negative media products and messages, but also positive ones.”  Last week I also received an email from Dana Hernandez of SPARK http://www.sparksummit.com/ referring to the Go! Go! Sports Girls as “Something positive to write about for a change!!! YES!”

After thinking about the two statements, I realized that sometimes it is easy to point out the negatives.  The negatives are usually LOUD and stir emotions.  While I feel it is important to point out, become aware, and make others aware of the negatives, it is also important to point out the positives, the possible solutions to the negatives.  If we constantly talk about the negatives and not the positives, we give the negatives more and more attention.  Similar to a child only receiving attention for bad behavior.  The bad behavior continues.

In the spirit of being positive, I have listed some of my favorite positive, solution offering websites.  Please share with me some of your favorite, positive websites.  Together we can all make a difference!














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