For Parents:

Dream Big Toy Company created Go! Go! Sports Girls as a fun and educational way to promote self-appreciation and the benefits of daily exercise, healthy eating and sleeping habits, self-esteem and overall healthy life-skills among youths 3-12 years, regardless of race and socioeconomic class.

Go! Go! Sports Girls are age and size appropriate. They do not encourage an older or overly mature image. The image is innocent with a subtle yet strong message appreciate and be true to yourself! They are made from high quality cloth which is safe and durable. They are soft, comfortable and light to carry, easy for a child to take with her to play or sleep.

At Dream Big Toy Company, we feel strongly about Giving Back. A portion of our profits is donated to organizations that encourage girls to participate in physical activity and develop healthy lifestyles.

Brooke de Lench is a youth sports parenting expert and is the founder of and has wonderful tips on how to get your girls involved in sports.

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